19-year track record of operational excellence

Leading Internet providers and large enterprises depend on GDS. Our world class value-added services are delivered to more than 610 leading companies in China who trust us to reliably support their most mission-critical data center, managed hosting and managed cloud IT requirements.

  • colocation services

    We offer our customers a highly secure, reliable and fault-tolerant environment in which to house their servers and related IT equipment. Our core colocation services primarily comprise the provision of critical facilities space, customer-available power, racks and cooling.

  • managed hosting services

    Our managed hosting services comprise a wide spectrum of services covering each layer of the data center IT value-chain, including business continuity and disaster recovery solutions, network management services, data storage services, system security services, operating systems services, database services and server middleware services.

  • managed cloud services

    As large enterprises increasingly deploy a combination of multiple private, hosted, or public cloud services, we are developing an innovative service platform to assist them. Our CloudMIX TM platform provides a robust management interface enabling enterprises to integrate and control every aspect of their hybrid cloud computing environment across their private servers and one or more public cloud service providers.